rosaria rattin

That is when “KOSE” collection was created to rediscover ancient artisanal handcrafting in a very technological age. The KOSE objects are pure, both in shapes and materials: fine clay, wood and gauze. Kose is a spontaneous return to the designer’s origin, following the courses and the recurrencies of life without any constraint and imposition: KOSE represents the pure product of the designer’s creativity. Nowadays rosaria still works for fashion and interior design drawing from both experiences the inspirations for her unceasingly growing stylistic evolution and for her concept of elegance.

From the encounter of these two experiences stems the “ISI” collection. Like “Easy”, but spelled in Italian, ISI collection the fun and light spirit of “prêt-á-porter”.

ISI collection breaks the stereotypes of the traditional tableware, suggesting the “mix and match” of different patterns and decorations inspired by a cosmopolitan symphony of styles.

In 2010, Rosaria created the collection “SO” collection“, a collection of small accessories such as coffee tables, bookcases, carpets and stools to be used and combined in infinite ways and in every possible space and situation.

The idea and concept behind ISI collection is that, as it happens with dresses in fashion, everyone can enjoy himself everyday, mixing the different patterns, of the collection, in order to dress up the table each time in a different way, according to a different mood.


In a changing world, in which reference points are constantly shifting, giving space and time always different meanings, SO_ offers a collection of furniture which embodies this permanent change of styles and style, adapting functions to different needs, in everyday life.